Khamma Ghani

The following post features student writing.

Khamma Ghani,

Yet another greeting we have learned during our time in the village! Our second day in Kotri was nothing short of a success. The day started off with our now-usual routine of morning chai and of course a trip to the local school. We continued working with the students and began creating a curriculum that each of us will use in our classes.  

The main project is coming along nicely and quickly—we have already laid down the foundation and are ready to move on to building a wall. We all put forth our best effort, despite being a little sore from the previous day’s work.  

As our first official day of working on our independent projects that consists of embroidery and tailoring, we have made a good amount of progress. In the embroidering class, we were taught how to bead and stitch. This did not come naturally to most of us, but towards the end and with lots of help from Taraji we got the hang of it. Working as a group and taking turns, the tailoring class has now completed one skirt. We look forward to going back and learning how to make a traditional langa chunni.

After a couple of days of school, a Hindi lesson was desperately needed, and Neerav was there to help. We have now learned how to count and say a few basic phrases in the language.  

We look forward to tomorrow and the birthday surprise for one of the students.

– Cecilia & Arianna