The Big Finale

The following post features student writing.

Today was our last full day as a group—a very bittersweet feeling! We were lucky to have a day without any rain! The morning began with a four and a half hour bus ride from Delhi to Agra complete with our favorite cookies and chips for snacking.

Once in Agra we visited the Mehtab Bagh gardens for a back view of the Taj Mahal and some group photos. Back at our new hotel we had lunch and enjoyed getting henna from three local women in a nearby shop.

Finally, we traveled to the Taj Mahal along with a guide who helped us get the best photos and taught the group some brief history. We were very lucky to have clear skies as we watched the sun set behind the beautiful monument. It was a surreal experience.

To conclude our day we enjoyed a very special dinner at The Trident Hotel and had our final nightly meeting filled with laughter and a few tears while we reflected on this amazing past month we shared together.

– Julia C.