Short but Sweet Trip to the Golden City

The following post features student writing.

After leaving Jodhpur, we took another bus ride to Jaisalmer, a.k.a. the Golden City. Our group spent the night in a very nice hotel, complete with air conditioning. Even though it was very hot the next day, we still climbed the Jaisalmer Fort all the way to the rooftop for a beautiful view. After we all climbed down the fort, we all had free time to enjoy everything the city has to offer. This included shopping in stores close to the fort, riding auto-rickshaws, and swimming in the pool back at the hotel.

We all had a wonderful beginning to our day which could only be matched by an equally exciting ending. The group traveled through the desert to begin our adventure. We all eagerly chose a camel and got on. The start was a little unexpected as the camel got up very quickly but as we all got the hang of riding, our journey became lots of fun. We rode the animals all the way to sand dunes where we all became little children again by rolling and jumping down the hills. After all taking a moment of mindfulness to appreciate the beautiful landscape, we hurriedly got back on the camels to try and beat the monsoon to where we were having dinner.

For dinner, we ate traditional Rajasthani cuisine while we heard from some very cool musicians and watched a very cool dancer perform and we were taught some of the dance. As our day came to an end we went back to the hotel and rested for our big day the following day: another overnight train back to Delhi.

– Ellie