Magicians & Leopards & Hard Work

The following post features student writing.

Greetings from India,

A few days have passed since the last blog post, but fret not because our days have been jam packed with fun activities. Two days ago we had some guests come. More specifically Caroline’s host family from her previous visit to India, as well as some of the family members of the house we are staying at in Kotri. The group had a very pleasant conversation with them. Later in the day a magician came. Students were able to participate in the magic. It ranged from saying a few words to getting “stabbed” by a knife to lighting a scarf on fire. After the magician left, the group had some downtime. Dinner was pasta with an amazing tomato sauce made by Caroline. Everybody devoured the penne.

On Sunday we painted the sides of the chabutra we are constructing at the school. Later in the afternoon we were excited for our leopard safari trip and Neerav gave us some interesting insight on the leopards found in the area and other wildlife. We were very lucky and got the chance to watch four common leopards in their natural habitat walking down the hill. Many photos and videos were taken of them. Following the leopard adventure, we went out to dinner where we ate a ton of delicious food.

After two long weeks of hard work, we finally finished the sitting area for the school kids. For the finishing touch we had the kids coat their hands in paint and put their hand prints around the side of the walls. The children had so much fun doing that. The Putney students also worked on getting our students tested for the final presentation. We expect to see their parents and family members join us on the presentation day and see what their kids have learned during our time at the school.

– Lian & Isabella