Ram Ram Kotri!

Ram Ram! (Hello)

The travelers arrived safely in our host village, Kotri. We had an adventurous train ride from Delhi complete with visits from Hindu priests, conversations with locals, and garam chai (hot tea). The group was welcomed to our new home with flower garlands, music, and a yummy Rajasthani lunch.

After some much needed rest, the students explored the village, met our local artisans, and learned new games from some of the children in the town. The group is extremely excited to be in Kotri, and we (the leaders) are impressed by how thoughtful, empathic, and cohesive the students are as a group. We have already had many philosophical and curious conversations about travel and different cultures, and look forward to more.

During our meetings today, we discussed technology and how we want to use it during our stay in Kotri. We have a unique opportunity in Kotri to be disconnected and completely present with our experiences in the village. The students and leaders had a long conversation about the group doing a technology fast, where we would disconnect from our phones and lives at home to be fully present here in the village. The group as a whole voted to voluntarily have a tech fast for 48 hours starting July 3 and ending on July 5, with the potential of adding one more day. Research has begun to show that after a 72 hour tech fast, the brain starts to behave differently, opening up new pathways for creativity and connection and that the ability to retain information about one’s community improves measurably.

In our hyper-connected world, a tech fast is a unique opportunity for the students. We would love your help and support in achieving a more present and involved mindset in the Kotri community. Please try to refrain from reaching out—rest assured we will continue to update the blog with text and photos so we can share our experiences with you!

Stay tuned!

– Neerav, Caroline, and the famous travelers